Books, Weblinks and Resources

    This page lists societies, books, journals, DVD's, podcasts, online forums, YouTube videos, social media links, blogs and other sources of information that might be useful as a starting point for finding out more about labyrinths and labyrinth walking.

    Societies, membership bodies, and centers for labyrinth research

    The Labyrinth Society. Worldwide organization, whose members include labyrinth makers, labyrinth facilitators, and anyone having an interest in or an appreciation for labyrinths. Members also have access to an archive of journal articles, and can enjoy a lively exchange of views on everything relating to labyrinths via the Society’s Facebook group.

    Veriditas. Provides training and accreditation for labyrinth facilitators. Encourages best practice for labyrinth hosting and promotes the benefits of labyrinth walking.

    Labyrinthos. Research body and centre of information on labyrinth history, purpose, and application. Publishes the annual journals Caerdroia and Labyrinth Pathways (also available to Labyrinth Society members).

    Labyrinths in Britain. An informal community of labyrinth enthusiasts in Britain, featuring events and articles of interest to anyone interested to learn about labyrinths in the British Isles.

    The Labyrinth Coalition. Resource, networking, and events coordinator, focusing on the US Midwest.

    The Labyrinth Guild of New England. New England based community offering workshops introducing the labyrinth.

    Labyrinth Link Australia.

    Labyrinth Network Northwest (serving the Pacific Northwest).

    Minnesota Labyrinth Network, for labyrinth enthusiasts living primarily in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area.

    Online forums, blogs, and social media

    Labyrinth Around America Facebook page

    Veriditas on Facebook

    The Labyrinth Society Global Facebook page

    Labyrinthos on Facebook

    Labyrinth Wellness (Facebook)

    Labyrinth Thing (Facebook)

    Labyrinth in Ireland (Facebook)

    Labyrinth Around America blog

    Blog my maze (blog)

    Guerilla Labyrinths (blog)

    Beautiful, and regularly updated blog of Labyrinthos

    Labyrinth Yoga (blog)

    The Labyrinth Society on Instagram

    The Labyrinth Society on Twitter

    Labyrinth Wisdom (Twitter)

    Veriditas on LinkedIn

    Labyrinths in Britain Facebook group

    Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitators UK Ireland and Northern Europe Facebook group

    Labyrinth locators

    The WorldWide Labyrinth Locator. Extensive online search facility for locating a labyrinth. Sponsored by The Labyrinth Society and Veriditas, Inc. through a generous grant from the Faith, Hope and Love Foundation. Researched and administered by Jeff Saward, a leading authority on the history and development of labyrinths and mazes, founding editor of Caerdroia – the Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths, and co-founder and director of Labyrinthos.

    The Labyrinth Coalition’s directory of labyrinths.

    Labyrinth Link Australia. An interactive map of labyrinths in Australia.

    Labyrinth Network North West (Pacific Northwest)

    Paxworks links to hospital labyrinths.

    Facilitators and labyrinth hire

    Veriditas’ ‘Find a Facilitator’ directory. Advanced search facility for finding a Veriditas trained facilitator.

    The Labyrinth Coalition’s directory of facilitators.

    The Labyrinth Guild (Boston, MA area)

    Portable labyrinth makers

    Note: Most suppliers in this and the following sections will ship products / offer their services worldwide.

    Discover Labyrinths LLC (USA)

    The Labyrinth Builders (UK)

    The Labyrinth Company (USA)

    Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC (USA)

    Paths of Peace, the maker of the labyrinth for Labyrinth Around America. (USA)

    Paxworks (USA)

    Robin McGauley (Canada)

    Veriditas (USA)

    Permanent labyrinth constructors and consultants

    Paths of Peace (USA)

    Creative Labyrinths (USA)

    The Labyrinth Builders (UK)

    The Labyrinth Company (USA)

    labyrinthireland.com Design advice, facilitation, and workshops (Ireland)

    Labyrinthos Design, advice, publications and tours. (UK)

    Mark Healy Labyrinths (Australia)

    Labyrinths In Stone (USA)

    Veriditas (USA)

    'Pop-up' labyrinth suppliers

    Discover Labyrinths Quick and easy labyrinth construction for community and other events by Lars Howlett. (USA)

    Directions on how to Make a Labyrinth from The Labyrinth Society.

    The Sand Labyrinth Kit by Lauren Artress, 2002, Tuttle Publications. Includes a book, two templates, and a bag of sand.

    Journey Book Club article describing three ways to make your own labyrinth.

    Center for Faith and Hope Offers guidance on how to create a labyrinth.

    Rope and Chalk Labyrinth Kit (Creative Labyrinths) (USA)

    Finger labyrinth suppliers

    Das Fingerlabyrinth (Germany)

    DMH Studio (also offers guidance on how to make a finger labyrinth) (USA)

    E.S.C.A.P.E. PATH (USA)

    Veriditas Chartres Labyrinth (USA)

    Harmony Labyrinths (USA)

    iSpiritual.com (USA)

    Mark Healy Labyrinths (Australia)

    The Labyrinth Shop (USA)

    Mindful Soulutions (Canada)

    Mountain Valley Centre (USA)

    Paths of Peace (USA)

    Paxworks (USA)

    Pilgrim Paths Ltd (UK)

    QDimensions (Australia)

    Relax4Life (USA)

    Robin McGauley (Canada)

    Santa Rosa Labyrinth (Creative Labyrinths) (USA)

    Free patterns for crocheting/knitting a finger labyrinth:

    Women of the ELCA (Online, includes helpful factsheet and instructions on how to use the labyrinth)

    Irish Lace (Online)

    Evelyn Clark Designs (Online)

    Facilitator training

    Veriditas, the principal accrediting body for labyrinth facilitators. (USA and worldwide)

    LabyrinthJourney (USA)

    Labyrinth museums

    Puzzle Maze, Symonds Yat, Herefordshire, UK. A small museum tracing the history of labyrinths and mazes.

    Resources to download

    Template Proposal for a community or institutional labyrinth project. (The Labyrinth Society)

    Chartres Labyrinth Drawing

    Labyrinth Around America handout about labyrinths / pre-walk handout (English).

    Laberinto Alrededor de América folleto sobre laberintos / pre-walk folleto (Español).

    Center for Faith and Hope Offers templates for creating paper labyrinths.

    Other helpful sources for finding out more about labyrinths

    Labyrinthos Offers a wide range of information on the history and mysteries of labyrinths, including an extensive bibliography and guides to labyrinths in various countries.

    The 365 Experience offers DAILY EXPERIENCES on The Labyrinth Society’s Facebook page and website for anyone to consider, contemplate and use, with contributions from TLS members (no access to a labyrinth of your own is necessary to enjoy taking part).

    Labyrinths in Places offers a range of resources and guidance for individuals or groups considering introducing labyrinths into different contexts (including schools, churches, prisons, counseling sessions, retreats, public parks, and colleges and universities).

    lessons4living General resources.

    YouTube and online videos

    Dedicated YouTube channel of The Labyrinth Society, includes videos on various topics, e.g. labyrinth uses in churches, prisons, and schools.

    Labyrinth History & Walking by The Labyrinth Society

    Labyrinth - A Walking Meditation by Tori Fiore Film Projects

    How to make a Quilted Finger Labyrinth by Women of the ELCA

    Walking Meditation: Grace Cathedral Labyrinth by Kirsten Johnson

    Labyrinth Types - A Guide to the Many Kinds of Labyrinths Found all over the World by The Labyrinth Society

    Leaf Labyrinth by Discover Labyrinths. Stephen Shibley and Lars Howlett show how to make a labyrinth using fallen leaves.

    About Labyrinth by Mark Wallinger. The artist responsible for bringing labyrinth artwork to the London Underground system talks about this inspiring project.

    Lauren Artress on the Labyrinth by Bob Hughes

    Creating a Masking Tape Labyrinth by Warren Lynn

    Finger Walking the Chartres Labyrinth Board

    Healing powers of Labyrinths explained and experienced by Lilou Mace

    A Bit of Labyrinth History by Guideposts

    Labyrinth Locations by The Labyrinth Society

    The Search for Meaning in the Labyrinth of Life - Lauren Artress and Phil Cousineau by VeriditasWebVideos

    Sacred Sites Quest Ecuador 2017: Promotional video by Reginald Adams

    How to Make your own Plaster Finger Labyrinth by Lise Lotz


    Extensive and growing range of podcasts from The Labyrinth Society

    Interview with Jo Cook, founder of the Tasmanian Recovery From Eating Disorders group. Jo’s encounter with the labyrinth helped her to overcome her recovery from an eating disorder.

    ABC Radio National RN Breakfast interview with Rev. Dr Lauren Artress.

    The Spirit of Things, ‘Ladies of the labyrinth’. Inspiring ABC Radio National interview with Lauren Artress and Emily Simpson, whose vision and commitment led to the creation of the Sydney Centennial Park labyrinth.

    Bainbridge Community Broadcasting interview with Jeffrey Bales, creator of a community-based stone-surface labyrinth.

    Labyrinth Around America. Clive Johnson talks about the inspiration for and intention of the Labyrinth Around America initiative.

    On Being with Krista Tippett, ‘Esther Sternberg – The Science of Healing Places’. Includes reflections on the benefits of labyrinths as healing spaces.

    Books about labyrinths and labyrinth walking

    The following are among many excellent books and DVD's about labyrinths that you may wish to track down:

    A Discovery of Labyrinths by Lea Goode-Harris, 2017, Createspace

    A Labyrinth Program: An Educational Model for Tranformation by Lorraine Villemaire. www.labyrinthreflections.com

    Canvas Labyrinths Construction Manual by Robert Ferré, 2014, Labyrinth Enterprises

    Chartres Cathedral by Malcolm Miller, 1997, 2nd edition, Riverside Book Co

    Christian Prayer And Labyrinths: Pathways to Faith, Hope, and Love by Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion, 2004, Pilgrim Press, Cleveland

    Circle the Center: Labyrinths in Florida by Lucy Tobias, 2018, Sea Aster Press: St. Petersburg, FL

    The Healing Labyrinth: Finding Your Path to Inner Peace by Helen Raphael Sands, 2001, Barron’s Educational Series

    Kids on the Path, School Labyrinth Guide by Marge McCarthy, Labyrinth Resource Group http://labyrinthresourcegroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/kids_on_the_path_part_1.pdf (supported by a DVD)

    Labyrinth A–Ω: An introduction to the how, what, and why of labyrinths and labyrinth walking by Clive Johnson, 2017, Labyrinthe Press. Written by the initiator of Labyrinth Around America to accompany this project. Labyrinth A–Ω. Available in English and Spanish, and as an Audible audiobook / Disponible en inglés y español, y como audible audiobook

    Laberintos: tradición viva (Sapere Aude) de Fernando Segismundo Alonso Garzón, 2014, masonica.es (En español / in Spanish)

    Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses by Sig Lonegren, 2015, Gothic Image Publications, Glastonbury

    The Labyrinth and the Enneagram, Circling into Prayer by Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion and Elizabeth Catherine Nagel, 2001, Pilgrim Press, Cleveland

    Labyrinth: Landscape of the Soul by Di Williams, 2011, Wild Goose, Glasgow

    Labyrinths and Mazes: A Complete Guide to Magical Paths of the World by Jeff Saward, 2003, Lark Books (Sterling), New York, and Gaia Books (Octopus), London

    Labyrinth Reflections by Cathy Rigali and Lorraine Villemaire, http://www.labyrinthreflections.com/order

    The Labyrinth Revival: A Personal Account by Robert Ferré, 1996, 2nd edition, Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC

    Labyrinths for the Spirit: How to Create Your own Labyrinth for Meditation and Enlightenment by Jim Buchanan, 2006, Sterling Publishing Co., Distributed by Gaia Books, New York

    Labyrinth Journeys: 50 States, 51 Stories by Twylla Alexander, 2017, Springhill Publishing, the story of Twylla's labyrinth pilgrimage around the USA

    Labyrinths, Walking Toward the Center by Gernot Candolini, 2001, Crossroads, New York Little Miracles on the Path: 20 Labyrinth Stories Celebrating 20 Years of Veriditas, www.veriditas.org/books

    Labyrinth: Your Path to Self-Discovery by Tony Christie, 2018, Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, MN

    Living the Labyrinth by Jill K.G. Geoffrion, 2000, Pilgrim Press, Cleveland

    The Magical Labyrinth by Ruth Weaver, 2013 Preschool - Kindergarten (for children)

    Magical Paths: Labyrinths & Mazes in the 21st Century by Jeff Saward 2002, Mitchell Beasley (Octopus), London

    The Magic of Labyrinths by Liz Simpson, 2002, Thorsons

    Making the Santa Rosa Labyrinth by Lea Goode-Harris (PDF instruction book), available from https://www.creativelabyrinths.com/store/

    The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral by Louis Charpentier, 1972 Rilko Books, Rye

    Re-wilding with the Labyrinth by Mark Willenbruch, 2018, Wild Wisdom, Glastonbury (order via Mark's website at https://wildwisdom.org.uk/book/)

    The Sacred Path Companion: A Guide to Walking the Labyrinth to Heal and Transform by Lauren Artress, 2006, Riverhead, New York

    Steps Along an Unfolding Path: A Journey through Life and Labyrinths by Lars Howlett, 2011, Biomorphic.org

    Through the Labyrinth: Designs and Meanings over 5000 Years by Hermann Kern, 1982, Prestel Press, New York

    Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice by Lauren Artress, 2006, Riverhead, New York

    The Way of the Labyrinth: A Powerful Meditation for Everyday Life by Helen Curry, 2000, Penguin Books, New York

    Way of the Winding Path: A Map for the Labyrinth of Life by M. A. Eve Eschner Hogan, 2003, White Cloud Press

    Working with the Labyrinth by Ruth Sewell, Jan Sellers & Di Williams, 2013, Wild Goose Publications


    Several Journals, also provide a wealth of information:

    Caerdroia. The Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths. Research relating to the study labyrinths and mazes, published annually.

    Labyrinths Matter Newsletter from the Australian Labyrinth Network.

    Labyrinth Network North West Newsletter

    Labyrinth Pathways. published annually by Labyrinthos (also available to Labyrinth Society members).

    Little Miracles on the Path. Monthly inspirational stories from labyrinth experiences, produced by Linda Mikel.

    The Labyrinth Journal. (copies available up to Winter 2012)

    TLS Members e-Newsletter. Quarterly newsletter for members of The Labyrinth Society.


    Rediscovering the Labyrinth: A Walking Meditation with Lauren Artress, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

    Labyrinths For Our Time: Places of Refuge in a Hectic World, The Labyrinth Society

    Pathway to Change: Jail Labyrinth Project by Lorraine Villemaire and Cathy Rigali. www.labyrinthreflections.com

    The Troy Ride - A Labyrinth for Horses by Cordelia Rose & Ben Nicholson (other DVD’s featuring horses, healing and the labyrinth are available from Whitewater Mesa Labyrinths www.wmlabyrinths.com).


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