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"Interfaith is about the infinite number of ways of finding our
true selves and our place
and connection in the
Cosmos in whatever way is
most meaningful and, typically, unique for us."

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One Spirit Interfaith Foundation - training interfaith ministers in the UK

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation
One Spirit Interfaith Foundation trains people to be Interfaith Ministers and offers cemonies, including wedding ceremonies and spiritual counselling to people of all faiths or none.

UK Interfaith Ministers Association

Interfaith Ministers Association
The Interfaith Ministers Association (IMA) provides support to the spiritual community of ministers and counsellors who offer ceremonies for weddings, civil partnerships, namings, blessings, funerals and memorials and more private sessions for personal counselling, direction or healing.

About Ceremony

"Ceremony usually marks an important point in someone’s life, perhaps a transition into a new phase of life (a rite of passage), a celebration of a commitment to a new or an old relationship (as in a relationship blessing or wedding), or to help a person to process the change that they are passing through, often involving to remember, commit or let go. "

interfaith minister UK

"I vow to serve the spiritual needs of anyone where it's
clear that I am meant to."

About Ceremony

Feedback for ceremonies:

“I am sitting here in tears. I love my ceremony. There is nothing I would change.”

“Thank you for your wonderful work. Very inspiring and clear – lovely.”

“These are beautiful vows. The first one hit just the right note for me.”

“I'm going to read the ceremony several times…there is so much in it that resonates with me.”

My network of fellow ministers

Where I may not best be able to help, one of my friends and fellow ministers may be able to. I know all of the following ministers very well and am very happy to recommend them. If you would like to make contact with any of them, please drop me an email or give me a call and I'll put you in touch.

interfaith minister UK     Julia Knowles

Located: Chelmsford

Julia is a deeply family-rooted and sensitive soul who loves creating ceremony for important moments in life, including wedding blessings, funerals and rites of passage for adolescent girls. Amongst a wide range of services, Julia offers spiritual counselling at a peaceful location in Chelmsford or by phone or Skype and holds ceremonies in the surrounding area (and further afield for weddings).

Julia's website:
Julia's email:

interfaith minister UK     Melody Brooks

Located: North Essex

Melody is a loving, calming soul whose genuine smile touches everyone she meets. An accomplished musician and teacher, Melody offers counselling in a beautiful space near to Colchester, guided meditations and ceremony. She is highly creative and sensitive to individual's needs.

Melody's email:

interfaith minister UK     Chris Pedersen

Located: West Kent

Chris brings a gentle authority to her ministry, marked out by a strong personal grounding and compassion for people. She enjoys offering small family-based ceremony alongside ministering to larger gatherings, and is an acutely sensitive counsellor. Chris is based close to Tonbridge in Kent, and so is well located for reaching a wide number of places in the south-east.

Chris's email:

interfaith minister UK     Zia Ali

Located: London

Zia radiates light and enthusiasm. Extremely well read but shy about acknowledging his own humility, Zia excels in holding ceremony that breaks traditional norms, tapping into his love of dance and the performing arts. A sympathetic counsellor and mentor to troubled young men (he is a long-standing member of Band of Brothers), Zia is based in London but also travels widely.

Zia's phone #:07752 202172

interfaith minister UK     Heather McDonald

Located: Chessington

Heather is a beautiful, humble soul who excels as a celebrant. She is able to conduct wedding blessings at a London site licensed for marriages and civil partnerships, and works extensively with individuals who are grieving and facing loss in both her counselling and ceremony ministries. Heather's ceremonies are guaranteed to be beautiful and sacred.

Heather's email:

How to contact me

I can be easily reached by one of the following means:

Clive Johnson
Phone:  +44 (0)7956 942980
Skype:  cliverj2