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"For me, a marriage is a bringing together of two soul partners."

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One Spirit Interfaith Foundation - training interfaith ministers in the UK

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation
One Spirit Interfaith Foundation trains people to be Interfaith Ministers and offers cemonies, including wedding ceremonies and spiritual counselling to people of all faiths or none.

Weddings and relationship blessing

One of the greatest aspects of creating ceremony that excites me as an interfaith minister is the opportunity to work with individuals to craft something that is truly their own. Where weddings and re|ationship blessings are concerned, this may be something that in structure is quite close to a traditional (for example) Christian ceremony, but equally something that's very different.

Relationship blessings may be for couples who don't wish to marry, as well as for couples who are already married and want to bless their happy marriage again, in much the same way that it was blessed and enjoyed the first time.

I believe that appreciating and acknowledging the meaning of marriage, and setting a firm intention in the form of carefully thought-through vows and a blessing thatís meaningful for both partners (for example, taking account of different beliefs, or having no belief) are what matter.

In my view, there are no differences between the marrying of people of the same or opposite sexes, between transgendered or gender-fluid people, or between individuals whoíve been previously married and those who havenít. For me, a marriage or relationship blessing is a bringing together of two soul partners, whose right to love and share companionship with each other should be unbridled. The ethical code that I committed to following on my ordination celebrates difference, not marginalising people on the basis of age, disability, state of health, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, economic status or any other distinction. This doesn't mean that I won't respect the beliefs of whoever I may act as a celebrant for, including of course couples who may hold to "traditional" views.

A wedding really should be a coupleís special day, and will be made special in many different ways for different people. Perhaps itís often the ceremonies that donít conform to the norm that are often the most beautiful. I look forward to hearing what will be most special for you.

If you decide that you want to engage me, I'll then suggest meeting in order to discuss in more detail how you want your ceremony to be (of course, with many suggestions of my own if you're starting with a blank sheet). We'll also talk about the vows that you'll take and any ring blessing (or similar). I'll then draft a suggested ceremony for you to take a look at and, after agreeing any changes, will arrange a time when we can run through the main parts of the ceremony as a rehearsal for the real occasion. Please call me at any time during this preparation to discuss any aspect of the ceremony that comes to mind.

Interfaith ministry allows for a couple coming from different faith traditions or where one or both have no belief in God to enjoy a ceremony that has meaning for both people. Elements that are especially important for a particular faith can be incorporated, of course including blessings, readings and prayers. However, I am not ordained by or representative for such faiths, and so donít pretend to take on the role of a rabbi, an imam or other faith leader.

Similarly, whilst I am happy to work with a couple where one partner has Humanist views, I am not specifically a Humanist Celebrant (i.e. where there's no belief, however vague, in a greater force that brings purpose in life or a 'Divine'), of which of course there are others who are. Currently, I donít feel called to celebrate marriages that are totally secular in character, realising that there are many others who do feel led to work in this way. But the contact points for what has a Ďspiritualí meaning for people Ė with which I do feel led to work Ė are of course many and varied.

In England and Wales currently I'm not able to act as a legal regisrar for marriages, although can perform wedding blessings and ceremonies. This restriction doesn't exist in Northern Ireland or Scotland.

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If you would like to discuss a possible wedding ceremony, relationship blessing, engagement blessing or vow renewal or change, please get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you.

What is a ceremony? I offer my thoughts on the purpose and value of ceremony in this brief video. Simply click on the play button above to watch.

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