We are One!

"Fostering a spirit
of connection and peace."

The Energy Hour

Weekly held space and prayer.



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Intention Focus for Peace in our World     EVERY MONDAY-FRIDAY 1300-1305 BST 1300-1305 UTC 0800-0805 EDT

A focused prayer/intention sending with a specific focus for troublespots in our world. Hosted on Insight Timer.

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Urban Pilgrimages     Regular guided walks in London with a spiritual purpose.

Click here to find out more about urban pilgrimage and upcoming walks.
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Colour with Intent     EVERY FRIDAY 1730-1830 BST 1730-1830 UTC 1230-1330 EDT

A focused prayer/intention sending with a specific focus for the unfolding war in Ukraine, as we each colour a paper labyrinth as an aid to maintaining our focus. Hosted on Zoom. Whereby link, Message me for labyrinth.

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Labyrinth, Taizé & Bhajan     EVERY TUESDAY 1500-1600 BST 1500-1600 UTC 1000-1100 EDT

Includes time for confidential sharing.

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Morning Meditation     EVERY TUESDAY 0745-0830 BST 0745-0830 UTC 0245-0330 EDT

Hosted by the Brighton&Hove Centre for Spirituality on Zoom. Extra time is offered after the meditation for conversation and breakfast (for those who wish).
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The Energy Hour (Held Space)     EVERY THURSDAY 2200-2400 BST 2100-2300 UTC 1700-1900 EDT

Join via the Insight Timer app.

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We Are One! – Daily Live Meditation     EVERY MONDAY-FRIDAY 1230-1250 BST 1230-1250 UTC 0730-0750 EDT

A guided, live meditation focused on lovingkindness. Join via the Insight Timer app.
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Self-guided training:

Fairy Stories: Their Magic, Truths and Teachings, a 10-part video-led course exploring the spiritual meaning in fairy tales.

Meeting Mary, an 11-part video-led course revealing Mary Magdalene as she is encountered in the gospels, gnostic texts and mystical teachings.

Find out more about Whereby, the video conferencing service I use at at https://whereby.com/. Watch a video introduction for folks who are new to Whereby.

Find the equivalent time in your time zone at https://www.timeanddate.com/. Some like to trace the path of a finger labyrinth during these meditations. If you would like to download a paper finger labyrinth to print off, you can do so here.

A Prayer for Being

Prayer podcast as our world moves through a time of great transition – with a pandemic, cries for equality, and climate change causing us to reflect, and change.

LISTEN HERE to the A Prayer for Being PODCAST, or search and subscribe for it on iTunes and other podcast apps. Note: the podcast was originally called 'A Prayer for Humanity,' and may still be listed as such on some podcast apps.

You might also like to join with others offline at 1800 BST/1700 UTC/1300 EDT each day to pray / send positive intentions for the healing of those who are now suffering.

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