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Labyrinth & Lectio     EVERY SUNDAY 2030-2130 BST 1930-1830 UTC 1530-1630 EDT

Includes time for confidential sharing.

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Reading: Download.

Reading for previous lectio: Download.
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Meeting ID: 803 248 260 Pass: lectio
Labyrinth, Taizé & Bhajan     EVERY TUESDAY 1500-1600 BST 1400-1500 UTC 1000-1100 EDT

Includes time for confidential sharing.

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    Zoom link: Click here to link to call

Meeting ID: 978 3312 0138 Pass: chant
Finger Labyrinth Meditation     EVERY WEDNESDAY 0745-0830 BST 0645-0730 UTC 0245-0330 EDT

Hosted by the Brighton&Hove Centre for Spirituality on Zoom. Extra time is offered after the meditation for conversation and breakfast (for those who wish).
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Silent Vigil     EVERY THURSDAY 2200-0200 BST 2100-0100 UTC 1700-2100 EDT

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    Contact me for link to Facebook livestream.

Self-guided training:

Be The Perfect Zoom Host, a comprehensive self-guided program for individuals who want to master how to become the perfect Zoom Host.

Coming soon:

Companionable Awakening, a workshop, guidance and community for gentle souls who desire to make sense of how to be in this transforming world.

Gayatri-Gaia, a 37 hour meditation on 31 December-2 January 2021, spanning the period between the first sunrise anywhere on Earth to the last sunset of New Year's Day.

Find out more about Zoom at Watch my video introduction for folks who are new to Zoom.

Find the equivalent time in your time zone at Some like to trace the path of a finger labyrinth during these meditations. If you would like to download a paper finger labyrinth to print off, you can do so here.

A Prayer for Being

Join me online for daily prayers as our world moves through a time of great transition – with a pandemic, cries for equality, and climate change causing us to reflect, and change.

I will host 5-10 minute moments for reflection and prayer on a subject that may not be in the headlines via Facebook Live on my personal Facebook page. Join me live if you can, or listen to the recorded podcast that I will post soon after each call.

LISTEN HERE to the A Prayer for Being PODCAST, or search and subscribe for it on iTunes and other podcast apps. Note: the podcast was originally called 'A Prayer for Humanity,' and may still be listed as such on some podcast apps.

The podcast airs every day except Sunday.

You might also like to join with others offline at 1800 BST/1700 UTC/1300 EDT each day to pray / send positive intentions for the healing of those who are now suffering.

Clive Johnson
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