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interfaith minister UK

"Heart-led ministries to build
beloved communities and
foster love for our Mother Earth."

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation - training interfaith ministers in the UK

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation
One Spirit Interfaith Foundation trains people to be Interfaith Ministers and offers cemonies, including wedding ceremonies and spiritual counselling to people of all faiths or none.

About me

I'm a UK (Essex)-based interfaith minister, nomad, and life-long spiritual seeker.

My professional background was in management consultancy, IT and conflict management. I also trained as a coach and am a writer, now especially writing about spirituality. My books, The Heart of Lovingkindness, Tales of Old, Picturing God, Being Spiritual, and Understanding Interfaith, are available from Amazon and elsewhere.

I'm also the instigator of a number of initiatives, including Labyrinth Around America, a project to connect communities around all the border states of the USA, and A Prayer for America, an online community energized to pray for equality following the death of George Floyd. For some time now, I've particularly experimented with creating and building on-line communities, hosting weekly chanting and prayer groups, a weekly vigil , hosting a daily lovingkindness meditation and a daily group intercession. I also co-host a podcast focused on intercession and what's happening in the news, producing one or two episodes each week. You can listen to this online just by clicking the play button for episodes listed on the podcast website, Impact, or by searching for "Impact!" in a podcast app.

As a minister, I was trained, ordained, supervised and supported by the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, a charitable seminary and ministers' association dedicated to embracing the universal truth at the heart of all spiritual traditions, as well as supporting the interests of people who don't follow any particular faith path. The Foundation celebrates the values of respect, reconciliation, forgiveness and fellowship for every human being, irrespective of their beliefs. I am also a member of the Foundation's Interfaith Ministers' Association.

My own faith is what might be called mixed spirituality, taking meaning from a number of different faiths, as well as from inspiring poetry, appreciating the beauty of Nature, and archetypal tales from mythology. I am not affiliated to a traditional faith path, although my upbringing followed a Christian path, which continues to be important to me. I have a particular interest in the gnostic/wisdom tradition of Christianity and am a student of Kabbalah. I practice Transcendental Meditation®, alongside other meditative practices.

My focus is on connecting with and nurturing my understanding of spirituality, and I aim to help people connect with their own 'God', whoever or whatever that may be. I would never dream of trying to convert anyone to a particular creed. I believe that we can each find our own way to understanding life's essence and delving into our inner selves, and there may be as many ways for doing this as there are people!

In recent years, my attention has focused on discovering my authentic, rather than created, story, and appreciating how this connects me with others, and with All That Is.

I'm excited to have come to see that I have a ministry to offer, and it was my vow made at ordination to go where I'm led. My path into ministry has therefore been one of following a strong and lasting feeling rather than about chasing a particular goal. I fully expect to keep evolving.

Click here to find out more about my work outside of ministry, and here for information about my house-sitting services.

Clive Johnson
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