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Blessings are for giving thanks for the new arrival, asking for their good health and protection for the future, and welcoming them into their new world and family.

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Baby blessings and namings

When I was born, my mother was so grateful to have given birth to a healthy son that she went to our local church to ask the minister how she could give thanks. Pure joy is a wonderful thing, and recognising that we have been blessed, received special help or a gift that has been freely and unconditionally given is to give pleasure to the giver too whether this is another person or group of people, the Divine or Mother Nature.

To give thanks is very nourishing and rewarding. It is an act of graciously receiving what has been given and acknowledging that the gift is very welcome. Its also a simple way of giving back some of the good intention and love that was given with the gift.

Baby blessings are intended to give thanks for the life of the newborn, ask for their good health and protection for the future, and to welcome them into their new world and family.

A blessing ceremony may include giving the baby's full name for the first time, and offer an opportunity for parents, godparents (or whatever they prefer to be called), grandparents and others to publicly state their commitments to supporting their precious new child.

If you would like to discuss a possible baby blessing or naming, please get in touch with me (my contact details are below). I look forward to speaking with you.

What is a ceremony? I offer my thoughts on the purpose and value of ceremony in this brief video. Simply click on the play button above to watch.

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